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Storyline Ideas / Re: The inquisition
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Storyline Ideas / Re: The inquisition
« Last post by ferrin on Today at 06:32:07 AM »
you should definitely keep this a secret. That way no one can expect them.   8)
Approved Student Characters / Re: Ryan Dutch
« Last post by Russ on Today at 06:21:26 AM »
Board RP / Re: Worth it? (Maddie/Dedric)
« Last post by Russ on Today at 06:20:24 AM »
There was a lot to take in, but the last person he would be made with, was Maddie. He was disappointed she hadn't told him,but maybe she'd have worried he'd stop her and he could only emphasis so far with how much the headaches must hurt and her anguish. He smiled at her, putting a brave face on even though he new she could read his thoughts. "No dancing just rest for you." He scrambled round and found the wand. He wave it and mutter Episkey a spell designed to treat minor wounds. A moment later it was gone, and he'd brush it with his thumb softly. "All better." He'd smile. Handing her the ice anyway. "Are you hurt anywhere else." He was blushing at the moment. "I wanted to say sooner, but i just hadn't found the words, but i mean it Maddie, i love you so much and i hope you know you can tell me anything, just I couldn't bare to..." He couldn't finish the words the thought of what htis guy could do he felt anger at him for even trying.

He sat with her, calming himself. pulling her in tightly and protectively. "Well its not legal Maddie it will be stolen, we need to check if it has a trace on it." He smiled at her he couldn't be mad. "I know you need to feel like you are helping and you are i promise." He couldn't help notice her watching him and he'd smile and kiss her softly at first "that help too?" He grinned at er eyes sparkling.

"We need to make sure they can't find you." He stood reluctantly but knowing time was important rummaging through. "You are right all this could help but please don't do that again Maddie" it was said out of worry, no anger. "we're a team" He'd sit back with wine pondering what ot do next.
Approved Student Characters / Ryan Dutch
« Last post by Gold on Today at 06:04:12 AM »
OOC Name: Gold

Ghost Code: all reason aside

Model: Mila Kunis

Full Name: Ryan Dutch

Age: 24

Relatives/Associations (cannot be related to cannon characters): estranged husband

In University?: yes

Staff member?: no

Position on faculty:none

Profession: stripper

Major: undeclared

Desired Profession:  not a stripper

House/Faculty (E.g Ravenclaw): Slytherin

Wand: Example: 12" cherry wood, phoenix core

Patronus Animal: elk

Species/Special Characterics: none

Muggle born? Half-blood?: mudblood


Ryan Dutch was born to a completely magicless family. They tried their best to understand and support their daughter, but they were far from perfect parents. Caught between the two worlds, she would end up meeting a wizard who made her feel like he understood everything. It was a passionate relationship, that led to an equally passionate marriage that didn't last. Not officially divorced, she'd leave him and always meant to finalize things, but procrastination is real. So! Trying to go back to school to make something of herself and hide the fact that she's stripping for her tuition at the same time....Ryan Dutch isn't ever sure she'll get out of the south side, as they say back home. Born there die there. But she sure is going to try.
Approved Staff Members / Re: Jasper Moonheart
« Last post by Russ on Today at 05:03:22 AM »
Character Creation / Re: Staff Vacancies and taken positions
« Last post by Smurfy on Today at 03:48:26 AM »
Professor of Magical Literature - Jasper Moonheart
Approved Staff Members / Jasper Moonheart
« Last post by Smurfy on Today at 02:27:25 AM »
OOC Name: Smurfy

Ghost Code: | Turn.The.Page |

Model: Jude Law

Full Name: Jasper Moonheart

Age: 37

Relatives/Associations (cannot be related to cannon characters): He has a son

In University?: Can be yes or no.

Staff member?: Yes

Position on faculty: Professor of Magical Literature

Profession: Professor

Major: Magical Litterature

Desired Profession:

House/Faculty (E.g Ravenclaw): Former Hufflepuff

Wand: 11" Crow feather cor, Cherry wood

Patronus Animal: Ram

Species/Special Characterics: None

Muggle born? Half-blood?: Full blood

Jasper was into magical literature from the time he learned to read.  He was gifted from a young boy, and his parents sent him to a gifted school for magical wizards. He went from there to Hogwarts, where he studied even more. Every book was pretty much consumed by him, as he began to take in every aspect of what different magical books meant.
When he was only 19 years old, he got his girlfriend at the time Priscilla pregnant with a son, this was his only flub up, because he truly intended to remain smart, but one slip up and Opps his kid was born.
Years passed by, and he moved, his son and his ex girlfriend (the mother of his child) , to Salem, where he became the Professor of Magical Literature.
Character Creation / Cornelius Devine
« Last post by Russ on Today at 02:21:49 AM »
OOC Name: Russ

Ghost Code:

Model: Chris Pine

Full Name: Cornelius Devine

Age: 32

Relatives/Associations (cannot be related to cannon characters): None

In University?: Can be yes or no. No

Staff member?: No

Position on faculty: (only one staff member per person) None

Profession: Magical Studies/Occult expert


Desired Profession: N/A

House/Faculty (E.g Ravenclaw) Ravenclaw

Wand:  12" Ash with a Unicorn core

Patronus Animal: Example: Tiger

Species/Special Characterics: None

Muggle born? Half-blood?: Muggleborn

History: Born in Oxford, Cornelius comes from a very privileged background. Educated to a high level he has long been fascinated by the occult and darker side of magic. Hearing rumours of a growing prescence of werewolves and vampires in towning. He has come to investigate.
Scripts / The Inquisition is comming
« Last post by Russ on Today at 01:34:59 AM »

---Relent or Repent----
Clive Heard
-Been working for the church while your life falls apart
|University of Wizardry. RPO

St John of the Cross Church
Is in the HQ of the inquisiton
says to Everyone:
The church lay quiet, empty. It had not been used for a long time, but was due to reopen, having received a generous donation to help return it to its former glory and to help people find a quiet place to worship. At least that was the cover. As Clive broke the silence, unlocking the door and moving in, he knew the truth. On the face of it he was to be the new caretaker of the church but in truth he had a much higher purpose.

Making the sign of the cross as he walked down the Aisle, his expressionless face, taking in the splendor of the old building. It was a small but quaint church and really was worthy of the restoriation. But right now thats not why he was here. He quickly moved to the Altar, and absent mindedly brushed his hand over it. Till he found the finger print recgonition, underneath. Waiting for it to scan and the secret door to the side of the Altar to slide open. He'd have one final check to satisfy himself that no one was here with him and he'd slip in.

He walk down the old stair case, the smell of stagnant air, slightly less potent than when he was last here. Just before the door to the catacombs, he'd push in the brick and another door would open. Here he stepped into the operations room. Again his face expressionless. Clive was a focused and diligent man. He was also calm and patient. But fanatical. He truely believed in what was about to go down, he'd waited years for this moment, arguing the Inquisiton needed to come to Salem. Now his brother was here, he was even more sure.

Some questioned if he was the man for the job, especially with a brother who had magical powers. To him that made it more his duty than anyone else. He wanted to put right the wrongs of his family. Something was going on out on that Island and he intented to find out what.

The room was still largely unpacked, but full of suvilliance equipment and weapons stored securely. Clive moved to what would be his desk and fire up his laptop, the retinal scan granting him access. He fired up the system and would send a seemingly innocent e-mail to a random e-mail address. If you didn't know what the content alluded to it would seem ridiculous and irritatng at most.


Subject: My dearest friend Malleus Maleficarum

My Dearest friend,

I have a wonderful opportunity for you to make your fortune, your swiftest response his required, please do not miss this opportunity.


Jakob Sprenger


The subject and the sign off were the key it would tell the others they were in play. He would await there arrival and then it could begin.

As he leant back in his chair he smiled darkly, as he heard the e-mails dinging back. They were coming.

"The Inquisition will rise again"
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