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Hunters have been around since the day they found out about magical beings and creatures. Hunters are Nomaj/Muggles. They are people that have known about magic through different ways. It could have been an attack on their home, it could have been someone in their family became a wizard. Or they could have just been born and raised a hunter.

They have found ways to kill those that are different for them. After all Witches still bleed. They have made it their lifes work to destroy anything that it magical in nature. Be it a human or a creature.

Hunters mostly work in the fact most witches and wizards don't even know they exsist as they are kept very quiet. There is no secret organization it's just whoever wants to take up the mantel. Mostly it's those that are born with parents who are in the life, or those that have had an incident happen to them. Sometimes they get that one off that just likes to kill.

They are driven by the conviction they are saving the Nomaj/Muggles. After all through the years when a war broke out between wizards muggles were the causality of war. They are in the beliefe that one day a witch will rise to power and snuff them out. They are the last line of defense for the muggles.

There has been information streaming through their channels about Towning and the secrets it holds. So they have slowly started to infiltrate. At the moment it's recon work. They heard chatter about some dark wizards rising to power. That cannot be allowed.