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Trip to Awenary
« on: January 12, 2018, 05:50:38 PM »
So Corvin is rallying a team together to take to the mythical realm of Awenary, The Grimsbane family hold the keys to opening the portal to the other world... If you choose to be on this quest, your chars will run into strange creatures, and wild dangerous terrain, hilarious rp for anyone that wants to tag along. Corvin put his apartment up as collateral on a huge bet to pay The Grimsbanes for a guide who will take them to Awenary. Once your chars arrive, some of them will end up lost. That way no one is stuck rping with a huge group of people. Just for the initial trip itself, getting there - before they get separated everyone that is going, will probably be NPC'd , because there are so many lol.  Once they land in Awenary - they can wander off on their own, or with small groups, or with couples (whatever your rp prefers!) They are all looking for the Lyre that Opheius played to please Hades.

I wanted to make this post, so that anyone who is going can name their chars that are wanting to be a part of this rp, because I am forgetful, and need to remember for the sake of the first initial rp of which chars are going on this trip... I'm going to make a list. You can come up with your own reasons as to why they were asked to go on the trip.

If at any time you want your char to leave Awenary, they could accidentally stumble on a portal transporting them back to the real wizarding world. Though once they leave, there are only two ways to get back : Through one of the Grimsbane's or through the traveler Kraven who can move between worlds, because of a gift the monks gave him.

It is important to state that you can not bring mythical creatures back to the wizarding world. They will end up decaying upon contact with the real world. So it stays as HP as possible. (Blessed objects ie. The lyre,  blessings from a god, granted wishes : Will not disappear upon arrival back to the wizarding world.) Let's just not get carried away. No big power will be given out to anyone, because let's face it : Can't go around all god modding in the room. lol.

If I have missed anything, please feel free to comment.

The following people have already signed up for this trip:

Mine - Jules, Corvin, Auggy, Griffin, Isa, (And Kraven later on with Eoduin)
JMouse- Wulf, Ditty (And Eoduin later on with Kraven)
GB- Mercury, Sil, Jacks, Pandora
Gold- Ace, Fon, Sloan, Marissa, Milou
Russ - Teddy and Amycus


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Re: Trip to Awenary
« Reply #1 on: January 12, 2018, 07:42:13 PM »
The beginning of the split of groups when they land in Awenary will be as follows:

Group 1: Jules, Sloan, Mercury and Wulf
Group 2: Corvin, Teddy, and Lou
Group 3: Isa, Jacks, Auggy and Marissa (At some point these 4 will split up for some reason)
Group 4: Pandora, Amycus, and Ditty
Group 5: Ace, Sil, Fon, and Griffin (At some point these 4 will split up )
Group 6: Kraven and Eoduin (who will come in later)

Just because you start out in a group doesn't mean you have to stay in said group. They can end up in various places at various times. You just never know haha! If anyone wants to join chars in, I will add them!