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Kresten Shadowmend
« on: January 13, 2018, 04:04:58 PM »
OOC Name:Gothic Brat

Ghost Code:

Model:Nicholas Hoult

Full Name:Kresten Shadowmend


Relatives/Associations (cannot be related to cannon characters):The Shadowmends

In University?: No

Staff member?:No

Position on faculty: No



Desired Profession: executioner

House/Faculty :N/A

Wand: Example: 10" Hornbeam   Dragonheart String

Patronus Animal: Aardvark

Species/Special Characterics:

Muggle born? Half-blood?: Pureblood

History:Kresten grew up in a pureblood family. He was arranged into a marriage with Isadora Wicks by her stepdad and his parents. The night of the wedding she snuck away while he was asleep and he's been tracking her ever since. Now he's here in Towning to reclaim his bride because no one gets away from Kresten Shadowmen.


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Re: Kresten Shadowmend
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