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Nissie Kahn
« on: January 13, 2018, 05:15:54 PM »
OOC Name: JMouse

Ghost Code:

Model: Naomi Scott

Full Name: Nissie Kahn

Age: 18

Relatives/Associations (cannot be related to cannon characters): Father -Shepherd;  Mother - Spencer;  Two Aunts -  Pepper, and Freya; Great Aunt Rosa.

In University?: Yes

Staff member?: No

Major: Undecided

Desired Profession: Pro Quidditch Player like her Dad

House/Faculty: Gryffindor

Wand: Example: 9" Cherry, unicorn hair core

Patronus Animal: Bumblebee

Species/Special Characterics: Eidetic Memory

Muggle born? Half-blood?: Pureblood

+ Born to Shepherd and Spencer 
+ Found the photos of her father's legacy as a pro quidditch player - decided thats what she wanted to do too at the early age of 7
+ A year later, her parents divorced - thanks to all of the backlash of her fathers career ending injury.
+ Bouncing back and forth between houses was far from glamourous, nor was it good for her school life. She was an average student, and only got by thanks to her Eidetic Memory.
+ A month after turning 18, she moved in with her father permanently - starting college and wanting to save money on the dorm expenses.
+ In her spare time, she helps working in the broom shop, usually just the inventory and cashiering- having no idea that it is a front....yet.
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Re: Nissie Kahn
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