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Caspius Maynard
« on: January 14, 2018, 03:45:35 AM »
OOC Name: Smurfy

Ghost Code: | Wake.The.Dead |

Model: Robert Pattinson

Full Name: Caspius Maynard

Age: 21

Relatives/Associations (cannot be related to cannon characters): Kraven is his uncle(His mothers brother), he has a sister named Archimedes(Archie)

In University?: No

Staff member?: No

Position on faculty: None

Profession: Bartender

Major: none

Desired Profession: Traveler

House/Faculty (E.g Ravenclaw): Former Ravenclaw

Wand: Example: 12" Ash with a phoenix feather core

Patronus Animal: Zebra

Species/Special Characterics: None

Muggle born? Half-blood?: Pure Blood

Caspius was born to two pure blood parents, he also has his sister Archimedes(Archie), His uncle Kraven Darcy (on his mothers side)
As a child, Casps best friends Augustus Wilder, and Musica Grimsbane would travel to Awenary on adventures with him through various magic cabinets, clocks, secret doors. The older you get the harder it gets to travel.
When he grew up, he tried desparetly to get back to Awenary, but couldn't do it without the imagination he once had.
When his parents died, Caspius was already an adult - he would train with his uncle in the art of the gray. Training to be a traveler like his Uncle Kraven
However, Caspius got cocky in his training, even against his Uncles advice, he traveled to Awenary - draining him of all of his magic, so he couldn't get home.
He's been searching for a portal, so that he can get back to the wizarding world, all while living with a tribe of villigers from Awenary while he makes his attempts to find the portal to return home.

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Re: Caspius Maynard
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