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Guests / Nyah + her slave
« Last post by Nyah on January 13, 2018, 06:16:34 AM »
Nyah Coultrain
-House of Coultrain-
Port Phenix

Nyahs Property
Port Phenix
Guests roleplay / Nyah
« Last post by Nyah on January 12, 2018, 08:50:15 AM »
some raiders  dropped  off.....

(01/12/18-[05:53:57] )

--| Nyah |--
--|House of Coultrain|--
-Merchant -

The Inn
Guest Room two

says to Everyone: I made My way back to the window… and stood still looking out…there was not a lot to be seen…But….the mist was lifting slow…. The Guards of the village patrolled in numbers that seemed to be 4 maybe More….they carried huge weapons …Big Torvie types…. I would watch and check out the area….watching as they passed another group of guards and continued round The outskirts of the village….I had wondered on archers in this Home…if They had any…. and I grinned as I noted the small group on the Look out tower… I was sure there would be More situated in places….if it was I I was sure my Archers would be strategically placed

(01/12/18-[06:31:17] )

--| Nyah |--
--|House of Coultrain|--
-Merchant -

The Inn
Guest Room two

says to Everyone: fingers ran under her hair as she scratched behind her ear...then her finger followed her chin...she was in thought Just watching the busy area along the docks…….she could Hear jamee eating and she herself finished off the toast…and wiped her mouth with her fingers…turning to take up a small towel like cloth…and again wiped her lips….Nyah was a Free she had been lucky and taught many things that always helped her in situations that got out of hand….one day round The fires she May talk on them…But probably not….she liked -not to- talk about herself…..

she moved to the dresser and took up her leathers and slipped Them on up over her hips….lacing them as she stood Watching out the window once More……her old boots slipped under the cot…."my boots jammy"

and soon enough they were on Nyahs feet…..she sat on the window box thing and did the laces… and then secured the ver furs round her boots and calves…..lacing them with leather strapping… by one…as she Watched….she sniffed the air slightly…..she then stood reaching out for her tunic pulling it over her head … then her leather jerkin… and pulled it on her body …securing it…get My furs mine and check my bow I am thinking we need some target practise here …there is a hunt being prepared and we have been invited….she lifted her belt and pulled it round her waist…it was brown in colour and Thick it had been made to fit her body securely a small leather strip hung down and over the Lower curve of her back….. jammy unrolled her bow and checked the quiver counting all 20 arrows… a smile covered my lips when she nodded ….I took My fine blades …two throwing knives…they were tucked in the curve of her back…sheathes attached to her Belt and 5 small darts…..she then Tugged at her fur cloak and pulled it over her shoulder securing it with that brooch she borrowed from Essa….She turned to jammy grab your cloak mine were going to look over this villiage

(01/12/18-[06:45:07] )

--| Nyah |--
--|House of Coultrain|--
-Merchant -

Walking one of the muddy paths that wind thoughout the village

says to Everyone: she had lived for some time in many isolated homes…some that came under attack some That didn't….But she had led her own group of archers ….she moved from the room and to the Main door….jamee followed mumbling about Bubba and How He wanted her in his collar…. I just shook my head slightly….

"he wanted you Free last hand so you could be his FW…I said no to that as well…." and I turned slightly and glared at her…then turned and Moved out the door….she carried my bow and quiver wrapped in furs…and passed them to me to carry …unseen by any…. they looked like I carried a bundle of furs…..We/we moved along the pathway to head towards the Main docks….it was still quiet…not much happening on the streets….the snow had stopped but it was cold and ice was all about muddy and wet…..the paths were cleared…and guards were still roaming and protecting the villiage

(01/12/18-[07:00:49] )

--| Nyah |--
--|House of Coultrain|--
-Merchant -

At the village gates

says to Everyone: jamee remained close and i motioned for her to stay near....I just felt uncomfortable today….I would look….and Look watch and take in things that I had not seen yet or thought about….as I moved to the Main gated I looked up to the small towers and saw The archers….to my surprise there was an inside Wall that followed the top rail of The surrounding fences…I grinned this was why I saw not many archers …they were scattered to cover The whole area…. i added up in My mind how Many would Be needed to cover such a wall of defence…..I rubbed my nose and looked again to jammy….nodding and looking up….her dark eyes instantly looked in the direction i commanded and nodded she knew what i wanted her to do….count who she could see….and how many would fill the area….

I moved then towards The gates and stopped to speak with the guards who watched over… a huge Horn was to the right….set on a contraption of logs It was the Biggest horn I had seen…my guess to call in the Hunters if anything happened and they were out on a Hunt…..

"Lady Nyah-s- Do you have a archery range by any chance…or maybe a field that I could set a target….looking to my girl…then pushing her forward…"maybe her?" -s- I would smile to this Huge Torvie….

"What a Waist Lady Nyah waist waist" as he looked Over the bond…."Aye out there and off to the right…be careful lady I have word That there be some beast looking for some feed….just be aware -s- " and I nodded slowly"I will remember "

-"CHUCKLES"- [/b]
In character / Red Banned
« Last post by Frigg on January 05, 2018, 05:04:31 AM »

(01/05/18-[04:01:33] ) Kalton
says to Everyone: By my order, red and any other name she goes by is banned from My home
Bond/Thrall boards / ATTENTION BOND MAIDS
« Last post by Frigg on January 04, 2018, 02:19:14 AM »
Tal bond maids, I've been given the position to training you all. Most of the training and role-play will be done in actual role-play. The "Assessment " test will also be given in role-play. However feel free to study it and then the same question will be asked in "person" to you.

1. What is the greeting order.
2. Describe a bond-maid serve.
3. Do bond maids kneel? Explain.
4. What is the common drink of the northern peoples
5. The god Thor allegedly bestowed a special gift to Torvald in exchange for a gold ring. What was this gift?
6. It resembles a broad spear blade that has been bent at the tip. It is over four and a half pasangs in height. What is this called?
7. What kind of animals would you be likely to find in Jotunheim?
8. What do bond maids generally eat?
9. What is the brand called that bond maids are branded with.
10. What is the difference between an Iron collar and Turian collar?
11. What differences are there between silk slaves and bond maids?
12. What is the most northern southern place on gor?
13. What are some common things northern men might eat if there is a famine.
14. What is a kirtle? Describe
15. Do Free women and bond maids do the same type of work? Explain.
Bond/Thrall boards / Re: Attention Rowan
« Last post by Rowan on January 03, 2018, 11:24:09 AM »
I will get to it as soon as i am home tomorrow
Members list / Census Updated
« Last post by Frigg on January 02, 2018, 09:58:09 AM »
Free Men

Kalton Jarl of Jotunheim
Destin Rolvsson-Second of Jotunheim
Kobe Fletcher- Hunter
Aros -Dock Master

Free women

Ylva Jutundottir

Diamond {KK} { Second Char}
Rowan {KK} {First Girl }
Sarisa {Jotunheim} { Bond trainer}(MIA)
salvja {Jotunheim}(MIA)
tanzinite{ Jotunheim}(MIA)
sari{ Jotunheim}
sansa {Jotunheim}

If anyone is missing just let me know in this thread and will fix it and update the census.
Bond/Thrall boards / Attention Rowan
« Last post by Frigg on January 01, 2018, 03:59:22 PM »
There's a new girl Sidona (sp?) She's been collared and branded, see that she's updated on the bond maid rules and such. I'll get you her new name after having more rp contact with her. No rush as I know you're busy with rt stuff.
Ban list / Re: Banned from the Village
« Last post by Stretch on December 27, 2017, 04:02:08 PM »
Bavmorda and she ara are banned from the village
In character / For the Free women!
« Last post by Rowan on December 22, 2017, 05:41:57 AM »
Per order of my Jarl:

Free woman of the home are no longer allowed to drink any alcohol, until all fw start acting like fw...
Bond/Thrall boards / Serving
« Last post by Rowan on December 21, 2017, 01:47:10 PM »
(per order of my Jarl posted)

{Property of Jotunheimr}

is lately the only girl serving. She is devoted!
This is not acceptable!
We do not like lazy slaves...
Please make sure that you serve before doing other things....
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