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Tal bond maids, I've been given the position to training you all. Most of the training and role-play will be done in actual role-play. The "Assessment " test will also be given in role-play. However feel free to study it and then the same question will be asked in "person" to you.

1. What is the greeting order.
2. Describe a bond-maid serve.
3. Do bond maids kneel? Explain.
4. What is the common drink of the northern peoples
5. The god Thor allegedly bestowed a special gift to Torvald in exchange for a gold ring. What was this gift?
6. It resembles a broad spear blade that has been bent at the tip. It is over four and a half pasangs in height. What is this called?
7. What kind of animals would you be likely to find in Jotunheim?
8. What do bond maids generally eat?
9. What is the brand called that bond maids are branded with.
10. What is the difference between an Iron collar and Turian collar?
11. What differences are there between silk slaves and bond maids?
12. What is the most northern southern place on gor?
13. What are some common things northern men might eat if there is a famine.
14. What is a kirtle? Describe
15. Do Free women and bond maids do the same type of work? Explain.